Restorative Justice Week 2017

This week is Restorative Justice Week, we would like to share a case study on the impact of Restorative Justice practice in housing: -

RJ Week (1)A mother with two children contacted Midland Heart as she was experiencing issues with a single neighbour who lives above her. Both tenants had put in complaints against each other in relation to noise nuisance they were experiencing.

They both had complained about noise issues at conflicting times of the day and the mother had the additional challenge of dealing with this noise and looking after a child with ADHD. The music and late noise had made the condition much worse.

The upstairs neighbour experienced more living noise related incidents such as loud bangs and heavy footfall noise, which carried through the property at loud volumes. It was decided that Restorative Justice would be the best way forward and the case was allocated to Restorative Justice Co-ordinator, Leonie Kelly.     

During the conference, the neighbours both had the chance to explain to each other how the noise was affecting them. The mother explained how she found it so hard to manage her child’s behavioural difficulties. She was aware of the additional noise caused from his temper tantrums and apologised to her neighbour. She was honest with him about that she could not promise they would not happen again. The main thing she wanted from her neighbour was the ability to communicate politely again so she could approach him if she needed to.

Once both parties had listened to each other, they reached an agreement. By the end of the conference they both felt they could communicate with each other face to face rather than through notes and both realised the other was still willing to be mindful and compromise their situations in order to make each other’s lives that little bit easier.

This case could have easily escalated and impacted both parties lives and potentially put their tenancies at risk. With the People Team quickly identifying the issue and a resolution sought through Leonie and the Restorative Justice Team both customers are now enjoying their homes again.

22nd November 2017 | 2017 | Press Releases