Brunel Court residents are Alive & Living!

Brunel Court RefreshedA group of residents at a Wombourne housing scheme have been taking an innovative approach to improving their own lifestyle and wellbeing.

Brunel Court, an extra care scheme managed by Midland Heart, has introduced Alive and Living, a 10-week programme on practical life skills, positive mental health and how to be proactive.

Now, 16 of the residents who completed the programme are attending a graduation ceremony on Friday April 5, where they will be presented with certificates by sporting gold medallist couple Hugh Porter, MBE, born in Wolverhampton, and Anita Lonsbrough, MBE.

Course lead Wayne Exton, said: “Alive and Living is designed to reflect upon different aspects of positive mental health and wellbeing and we are offering something that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see in an extra care scheme and use lots of music, dance, games, old toys and storytelling to make the weekly group sessions lively and interactive.

“The programme covers topics such as how to have the relationships you want, how to get a good night’s sleep and how to make sure you are empowered and getting what you deserve from services”

It’s been a fantastic success. The atmosphere has been relaxed and positive; we have had a good laugh whilst sharing some interesting tips and ideas.”

Violet, one of the residents, said: “I have been troubled with anxiety over the years but since completing the course, I feel I now have the confidence to share my feelings with others and not feel so isolated.”

Activity Co-ordinator Lorraine Evans added: “The group included residents, family members, visitors and staff and the concept is to swap skills, share experiences and learn from each other, whilst developing the confidence to speak out. Participants all felt the knowledge they had gained from the course would have a positive and empowered outcome on their future lifestyles.”

Alive and Living was launched at Midland Heart’s Penmakers scheme at Smethwick in 2018 with phenomenal success and two courses have now been completed by a total of 42 residents there. This is first time Brunel Court on Mount Road, Wombourne has run the course.

3rd April 2019 | 2019 | Press Releases