Love is in the Air..waves

St Crispin Village back garden

Six of our residents at St Crispin’s retirement village and local school children hit the BBC airwaves on the morning of St Valentine’s Day to talk about what love means to them.

Our residents – with a combined age of 467 – were taking part in a special live Valentine themed show on BBC Radio Northampton with breakfast show presenter Annabel Amos.

Participants included 81-year-old Olive Jacobs, whose maiden name was Love, Don and Brenda McIntosh, aged 90 and 82, respectively, Bill and Shirley Higgs, aged 69 and 66 and 79-year-old Dot Bailey, who is choir master of St Crispin’s aptly-named Valentine Singers.

The programme was broadcast from St Luke’s Church of England Primary School, opposite our Duston development, and 10 year 4 pupils came into school early to take part.

Elaine Henley, Village Activity Facilitator, said: “The event went really well and was enjoyed by all, including our residents back at St Crispin’s who were listening in.”

“During the segments featuring our residents, Don and Brenda shared an amusing story about how they met many years ago when he was a coach driver and Brenda a passenger on a holiday to Newquay.

“Olive talked about how her only true love was her husband but that it was nice to have a friend to share things with, and then Bill and Dot and three of the children asked each other questions about St Valentine’s cards and the meaning of love.”

The show also included two of the children exchanging presents and cards and telling the listeners that, to them, love was about friendship and trust, while an eight-year-old girl gave a poetic version of what love was to her.

The full programme can be heard here!

14th February 2019 | 2019