Building integrated communities

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We are supporting the Government’s aim to build integrated communities and agree that housing policy has an important role to play.

Our response to the proposed Integrated Communities Strategy is that key priorities should be to rethink the way social housing is allocated and how housing associations and local authorities can work together to foster integration.

We have over 33,000 homes in largely diverse and deprived areas of 50 local authorities across the Midlands – and are skilled and experienced in developing housing schemes designed to create a mix of people from different backgrounds and with diverse needs. 

We recognise, therefore, many of the challenges identified in the Green Paper and believe that housing policy should encourage integration between different social groups with different income levels as well as the full range of support needs. 

Midland Heart is totally committed to building balanced communities and we are urging the Government to review legislation to give housing associations and local authorities the freedom to implement allocation policies that will nurture more balanced communities.

We are also calling for local authorities to be sufficiently funded to deliver their new obligations and work with housing associations to encourage better integration through housing management.

Read our full response here.

15th June 2018 | 2018 | Public Affairs