Overcoming barriers to longer-term tenancies

Exchanging Your HomeWe are a social housing landlord who also own a very small amount of market rent housing, which is let on the same basis as properties in the private rented sector.

Within our social rented homes, we grant assured tenancies which offer much greater security for tenants and although our market rent portfolio only includes 117 properties with some new units being built at our flagship developent in Leicester, it is just as important that we get this right.

Therefore, we have recently responded to a government consultation supporting calls to provide longer term tenancies in the private sector as we believe this offers tenants more security and understand the role longer tenancies play in creating genuinely balanced communities.

Our teams felt that one of the biggest barriers to longer tenancies is the lack of specialist knowledge and long turnaround in the county court system. We believe that landlords need to be more confident in the legal system and support them when problems arise.

It is our belief that establishing specialist housing courts that operate in a similar way to family courts, would enable housing expertise and training to be concentrated into a single division of the legal system and improve the empathy and efficiency with which property cases are dealt with.

You can read our full consultation response here.



24th August 2018 | 2018 | Public Affairs