Simplifying complaints procedures for social housing tenants

Midland Heart is supporting the Government’s ambition to simplify the housing sector’s system for residents who have complaints about their home – and we are taking part in a national review looking at a number of options.

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This week we submitted our response to the Government review in which we agree the process needs to be overhauled and made easier for residents to lodge a complaint.

The current system is confusing because there are many different routes for complaints depending on whether people rent from a social landlord, are a private tenant, lease their home, or are buying a new build home. 

We have told the review that we are comfortable with a ‘single front door’ approach so if a resident has a complaint, they know what action to take.

We have made it clear, however, that any proposed reforms must not distract from ongoing work to improve the existing system of redress for social housing customers, provided by the Housing Ombudsman.

We believe a top priority must be to reduce the long waits for judgements social housing customers submitting complaints to the Housing Ombudsman are experiencing, alongside the need for a quality redress service that is value for money.

Read our full response to the review – Strengthening Consumer Redress in the Housing Market.    


19th April 2018 | 2018 | Public Affairs