Benefit Advice

This section talks you through the various government initiatives and provides further information on each.

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  • Universal credit

    The Government is replacing the different types of working age benefits with one single new benefit called Universal Credit. To learn more visit our page on Universal Credit.

  • Welfare reform

    The government are currently making some changes to the benefit system which you might be affected by depending on your situation. You can find out more here and we have included details on each of the changes to help you understand how they might affect your household.   

    These changes include:

    The Social Size Criteria and Benefit Cap were introduced in 2013 and Universal Credit is a new benefit which is being gradually introduced until 2017. 

  • The social size criteria (bedroom tax)

    The Social Size Criteria was introduced by the government in April 2013. It will affect you if you receive help with your rent from Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, and you have more bedrooms than the government says you need for your family size.

    You can find out more by visiting our bedroom tax page.

  • Welfare benefits

    Benefits can be paid for a number of reasons such as a disability, child benefits or to help if you’re unemployed.

    To find our more visit our welfare benefits page.

  • Benefits cap

    The government has put a cap on the overall amount of benefits a couple or a  single person can receive. Find out more about this on our benefits cap page.