Don't start 2020 in debt

As the festive period approaches, it can be easy to spend beyond your means, leaving yourself short and unable to pay your bills. 

With a little preparation and by following our top five tips, you can have an affordable and worry free festive period.  

  1. Plan early
    Make a list and stick to it. Think about who are you buying for and how much you can realistically afford to spend. Be honest with yourself and stick to a budget. 

  2. Pay your bills
    Bills will still need to be paid over the festive period. Rent is an essential bill that needs to be paid all year round so don’t risk losing your home next year due to rent arrears.

  3. Don’t borrow
    Is it worth getting into debt for just one day of the year? Try to avoid borrowing and plan early, but if you have no option but to take out a loan, make sure you use a reputable lender. Check that you can comfortably afford to repay whatever it is you borrow and stay away from loan sharks.

  4. Shop around 
    Check websites and look in different shops for the best price and make use of discount codes and vouchers where possible. You could even try your hand at making personal gifts for your loved ones.

  5. Enjoy!
    It’s a busy time of year so find the time to relax and enjoy time with family, friends and neighbours. 

If you are in financial difficulty and need advice, contact our friendly Money Advice Team who can help.