About us


At Midland Heart we believe that every customer should be able to live in an environment they can afford; where they feel safe; are empowered; can shape services; and in which where appropriate their care and support needs are met.

We use our resources to respond to local need, championing local causes whilst delivering the benefits of a larger organisation, ensuring a voice for customers at a national and regional level.

We operate in 54 Local Authority areas working alongside our customers and their communities to understand the issues and find lasting solutions.

Our work involves, supporting those who need help to live independently, assisting in regenerating communities and helping an individual to discover their own abilities just as much as it involves providing and maintaining homes for more than 70 000 people.

The Midland Heart Way is to help transform lives and communities through housing, care and more! Our vision is to be the leading national housing and care business working with those in greatest need.

Our approach is built around five interrelated values: Customer First; Ambition; Imagination; Empowerment; and Inclusive. These form the foundations for the business and truly demonstrate our passion for working with, and for, communities.

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