Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

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We understand that Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) can be a difficult experience and our team are committed to resolving any ASB issues as quickly as possible. Here you can find out exactly what ASB means, how to report an issue to us and the information we’ll need from you to take action.

What exactly does ASB mean?

ASB basically means a behaviour that causes a nuisance or annoyance to one of our customers, or a situation in which a customer causes a nuisance or annoyance to another person.

This type of behaviour must be a breach of a person’s tenancy agreement or licence for us to step in. We can also take action if a person receives support from Midland Heart but is not one of our direct tenants. Any behaviour which is classed as a criminal act and affects our ability to deliver quality housing to our customers can also be classed as ASB.

In any of these situations we will investigate and, when needed, take action to make sure you feel safe and secure.   

  • What are examples of ASB?

    It's important to fully understand what is and isn't ASB. Some examples of what could be anti-social-behaviour are below:

    • Playing loud music or watching television that can be heard outside of the home.
    • Verbal abuse or intimidating behaviour.
    • Drug use or dealing within the property or local community.
    • Loud shouting and arguing in and around a property.
    • Dog fouling in communal areas and animals causing damage to property belonging to someone else within the community.
  • What isn't an example of ASB?

    Naturally within communities and local areas disagreements do arise and these situations are not always classed as ASB, especially if they don’t break the rules of a customer’s tenancy. Unfortunately in these situations we can’t always step in to resolve the issue, but we can offer advice and guidance on other steps you can take to improve things. 

    Here are a few examples that may not be seen as ASB:

    • Issues related to parking
    • Complaints around what we call ‘living noises’ such as doors banging, washing machines being used and general noise from children within the home and shared areas
    • Car and intruder alarms
    • Dogs barking at reasonable levels for short periods
    • General disagreements between neighbours outside of a tenancy agreement
  • How do I report ASB?

    If you feel you are experiencing ASB you can report it by contacting us or talking directly with one of our team working within your neighbourhood.

    Gathering evidence

    To help us understand the whole picture and reach a quicker solution, we might ask you to gather evidence of problem behaviour by recording events in a diary. We also sometimes ask customers to allow a machine to be placed in their home for a short period to gather evidence of any noise problems.

    What can you expect from us?

    We will always help by offering general advice and support around ‘self-help’ options, which will focus on what you can do straight away to improve the situation. This normally focuses on three areas:

    • An opportunity for both yourself and the other person/s to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.
    • We’ll offer everyone involved the chance to meet in a controlled environment to discuss the issue.
    • We can then help you to make plans for the future around resolving the issue and avoiding any further problems

    If this approach doesn’t reach a final solution, we may look at an alternative. Here are just a few possible outcomes:

    • Explore another informal way of resolving the problem.
    • Issue warnings to the people involved.
    • Ask neighbours to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement or Acceptable Behaviour Contract.
    • Seek legal action against the person responsible for the ASB.
    • Finally, if all the options have been explored, we may need to close the case if further action isn’t possible or no evidence of ASB can be found.
  • ASB Policy

    We know that some customer like to know more about Midland Heart's approach to managing Anti Social Behaviour.  With that in mind we have made our ASB policy available to download.