Our tenders

Typically our contract opportunities are advertised on our website, contractsfinder, Tenders Electronic Daily (OJEU) and finditinbirmingham in order to target as many suppliers as possible with each opportunity.

Our tenders cover off a range of business needs, you can learn more by browsing these below.


The contracts which we plan to procure between April 2018 and March 2019 are as follows-

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programme

Graphic Design

Print Management System

Web based design system

Hotel Accommodation (Staff & Customers) Booking Service

Supply of Bread, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetables

Framework Agreement for Temporary Agency Staff  ( Non Care )

Framework Agreement for Temporary Agency Staff   ( Care )


Product Lists -ARGOS

Care & Support Automation (OSCAR)

Mobility Project ( Low code development Platform )

Electronic Payment Cards (Allpay)

Supply of Ambient & Frozen

Web based-Housing Management

Cleaning Materials (janitorial supplies) ( Carried forward from 2017/18)

Customer Internet Access

24 Hour Helpline ( Carried forward from 2017/18 )

Customer Digital Access Project

LAN & WAN (managed Telecommunications Convergence Framework)

Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) ( to be confirmed )

IT Equipment

Hygiene Services

Avaya Hardware Upgrade

Vehicle Leasing

Gas Maintenance Commercial

Asbestos Removal

Contract Management



Car Park enforcement

Assets Compliance software

IHMT Integrated Maintenance and Scheduling System (Social Housing)

Non gas heated properties servicing and maintenance

Responsive Repairs & Void Maintenance Services for Commercial


These contracts will be procured via a variety of direct procurement via contracts finder/TED or framework agreements.


You can contact us on Procurement.team@midlandheart.org.uk for more information.

  • Subcontracted Maintenance Services

    Property Care is the in house maintenance team for Midland Heart set up in April 2012. The team has been delivering circa 11,500 properties in the Birmingham area since April 2014. To assist in the delivery of the works, Property Care is establishing a Dynamic Procurement System (DPS) to deliver subcontracted services for the next four years.