Household Support Fund

A one-off hardship grant payment of up to £200 is being made available to help eligible households across three groups who are experiencing financial hardship:

  • Households with children under 18
  • Households of working age adults
  • Households of pensionable age adults

The fund is intended to support households to cover essentials such as food and energy (gas, electricity, and water) costs.  For more information on how to claim, contact your local council - and search for “household support fund” on their website.

Heating your home

You may also receive help with heating your home this autumn and winter:

Warm Home Discount

This autumn nearly three million low-income households are eligible for a £150 rebate on their winter electricity bills. Check if you’re eligible with your energy supplier or network operator | Ofgem 

Warm Home Discount Scheme -

For support with a particular cost, please click on one of the boxes below...

Emergencies Grid

Emergency support

If you're having trouble with your cost of living, there's emergency support available.

Household Grid

Household costs

Information about managing your household costs, from energy bills to rent and council tax.

Children Grid


Find out about tax-free childcare, free school meals and other support you could receive from the government.

Shopping Grid


When it comes to your shopping, there are various discounts and offers available.

Food Grid


How to find your nearest food bank, alongside information about a food project based in Birmingham.

Transport Grid


Whether it's travelling to work, finding work or going to school, help is available.

Work Grid

In-work and jobseeker help

Whether you're looking for a job or you're already in-work, there's support available to you.

Furniture Grid


If you're looking to furnish your home, here are some tips to get you started.

Charities Grid

Charities & Trust Funds

Various charities and trust funds offer support on a wide range of things.

Live Well

We know the rising cost of living is affecting a lot of people, so we've pulled together lots of resources, ideas and tips to help you "live well". 

Watch our Money advice video to check out our top 5 tips for saving money, or explore our full Live Well hub here.

You can also receive dedicated support from our money advice team, please click here to find out more.