Your feedback is important to us

We want to provide the best possible experience to all of our customers and your feedback helps us to do that.

Whether you’ve got a compliment and think we’re doing something well; you want to share feedback about a service; or we’ve got something wrong and you need us to fix it, we want to hear from you.

Find out how to share your feedback by following the links below.

Compliments Grid Layout - Estates Day May 21


Tell us about a great experience you’ve had so that we can pass that on to our teams.

Comments Grid Layout - Tenancy Services Team


Leave feedback about a service you've received from us.

Complaints Grid Layout - Estates Day May 21


Tell us when we’ve got something wrong and how we can fix it.

How do you use my feedback?

Your feedback gives us the chance to change and improve our services for the better and make sure that we’re meeting yours and our own high standards. You can find out more about how we’ve been performing in the last year in our customer annual report.

All of our colleagues are involved in managing feedback, whether that’s recognising a colleague that has gone above and beyond for a customer or responding and reporting on complaints.

All complaints matter and provide valuable feedback. We complete regular self-assessments against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaints Handling Code and our customers are involved in this process through our Customer Oversight Group.

Your feedback is key to helping us to make sure that we’re delivering the services that you need now, and in the future.