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My Voice


Join in from the comfort of your own home!

Listening to you is the best way for us to improve our services and make changes that are in line with your needs. This is why we've worked with customers to create a number of ways for your voice to be heard.

My Voice allows you to work closely with our customer scrutiny team, who will make sure that your views are listened to and changes are made.

Join us for a chat on Microsoft Teams to find out more

Drop in on the first Wednesday of every month between 3pm - 4pm

Feeling camera shy? Text us on: 07771 676 773

Or email us at: customerscrutiny@midlandheart.org.uk

If you're not quite ready for a chat you can explore all of our different activities below:

  • My Voice FAQs

    If you'd like to do a bit more research before getting in touch you can have a look at our get involved page for FAQs and more.

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  • My Feedback

    If you decide to give us your feedback, you can pick and choose to take part in Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Consultations or Doorstep chats.

    Find out more
  • My Area

    If you're passionate about your local area, scheme or neighbourhood, you can get involved with Estate Champions, Building Safety, Resident Meetings or Committees

    Find out more
  • My Experiences

    Share your experience of our services or choose projects that interest you. You can choose to get involved in Special Interest Groups, Task & Finish or Service Improvements

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  • My Scrutiny

    If you've got more time to commit and like looking at a wide range of things, we can give you training to help you get involved in our Customer Scrutiny Panel, Customer led reviews or Customer Forums

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  • My Impact

    If you like looking at the bigger picture we have a group of customers who help to keep us in check by taking part in Oversight & Impact, Action Plans or Regulation

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