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My Voice

Listening to you is the best way for us to improve our services and make changes that are in line with your needs. This is why we've worked with customers to create a number of ways for your voice to be heard.

My Voice allows you to work closely with our customer scrutiny team, who will make sure that your views are listened to and changes are made. We'd love to get to know you and help you to find the role that suits you best.

Join in from your own sofa!

If you'd like to find out more you can chat with us on Microsoft Teams

Click here to join on the first Wednesday of every month between 3pm-4pm

If you're camera shy, you can call or text us 9AM - 5PM weekdays on 07771 676 773

Or email us at customerscrutiny@midlandheart.org.uk


*Our current survey is about reporting our performance*

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Will you actually use the information I give to make changes?

Yes! Of course. We really value the time and information we get from all of our involved customers.

The feedback we've taken from past activities has lead to changes in many areas.

Here are a couple of changes we've recently made as a result of My Voice:

You told us that: you'd like to be able to do more on our app including report repairs. 

We listened and now: we’re developing our app so you can do more, this will include a pilot which will allow you to report repairs to us online.

You told us that: you'd like the aids and adaptations process to be a little quicker when applying for support.

We listened and now: we've changed our approvals process to speed things up. You'll get a decision sooner and work in your home can be completed faster.

Click below to have a quick look at the different activities we have available.

My feedback
My Area
My Experiences
My Scrutiny
My Impact

If you decide to give us your feedback, you can pick and choose which of the following topics you take part in and when.


Share your views by filling out in depth surveys. You can choose to complete them online, by post or over the phone.

Mystery Shopping

Help us test out our services by giving us feedback on tasks we set you.


Give us your thoughts when we're looking to make a change to a service you receive.

Doorstep chat

We'll come out to you and have a chat about a particular topic we are reviewing.

If you're passionate about your local area, scheme or neighbourhood, you can get involved with:

Estate Champions

Carry out inspections of your scheme or estate and let us know about the quality of our estate management.

Building Safety

Talk to us about the building safety concerns you have and we’ll work with you on our plans to improve them. 

Resident Meetings

We can help you meet as a group of residents to discuss local topics.


Some of our Retirement Living Schemes have Committees. We can help you to get the most from these.

Share your experience of our services or choose projects that interest you.

Special Interest Groups 

We want your views on how we can make our services accessible and inclusive.

Task & Finish 

Meet with us over a set period of time to look at customer feedback on a set topic and use it to suggest improvements.

Service Improvements

If you've recently used a particular service like anti-social behaviour (ASB) or Aids & Adaptations, we may ask for your feedback to see how we can improve.

If you've got more time to commit and like looking at a wide range of things, we can give you training to help you get involved on a regular basis.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

Have an in-depth look at one area in our business over 3 months. Tell us what works and what we can do better.

Customer led reviews

Monitor our performance against our Service Standards you'll work with us to highlight what else we can do.

Customer Forums

Come together with other residents from across our Retirement and Supported Living services to check and challenge our performance on the more specific services you receive like catering and lifestyle activities.

If you like looking at the bigger picture we have a group of customers who help to keep us in check

Oversight & Impact

Monitoring the customer insight we're gathering and making sure it leads to improvements for you.

Action Plans

Making sure we deliver on all of the things we said we'd do.


Helping make sure we keep to the standards set by the Regulator for Social Housing. Making sure we tell all customers what we've done with the feedback they've given us.

Click here for more in depth information about all the activities we have available

How do I find out more?

If you'd like to do a bit more research before getting in touch you can have a look at our 'Get involved' page. 

We're sure you'll be able to find something that suits you but if you don't please send us an email with any ideas that you have.