Your safety is our priority

We have a flexible and adaptable programme to review safety measures in all of our buildings. When we need to make changes, we’ll make sure that you’re involved in that process.

The Government has issued guidance to building owners since the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017 and this continues to shape our priorities.

Here we want to share some information to reassure you of the importance that we place on the safety of you and your building.

This will help you to understand what you can expect from us and your role in keeping your home safe.

Our commitment to you

  • To work together

    We’ll help you play a part in making sure your building is safe. We'll be clear how you can get involved and the benefits of understanding building safety issues.

  • Take responsibility

    We’ll give clear guidance so you can understand yours and our responsibilities in keeping your building safe.

  • To be open and transparent

    We’ll be clear about how you can tell us your concerns about the safety of your home, including how we handle building safety complaints. We’ll listen to your feedback so that we know what safety issues you’d like to know more about. We’ll share updates in a format and frequency that meets your needs.

Sharing information with you

We’ll ask you regularly what you would like more information about. In a recent building safety survey, 444 of you told us what you’d like more information about. You told us you'd like to know more about the gas, fire, electric, and security checks we carry out. 

You can ask your housing team for more information about the safety of your home or building. 

If your building is registered with the building safety regulator, you can also request more information from the Building Safety Manager.

Gas Hob

We carry out annual gas safety checks on gas appliances in your home. As part of these checks we make sure:

  • All gas fittings and flues installed by us are safe to use
  • Maintenance, safety checks and servicing are carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer
  • A record of your annual gas safety check and service is kept on file
  • All gas appliances and flues are checked before you move in

Following your feedback we will:

  • Update the gas safety information given to you at sign up
  • Make information readily available in different formats, large print & braille
  • Share a gas safety leaflet with you during your gas safety service

79% of you felt the Gas Safety work we do keeps you safe

Smell gas or concerned about carbon monoxide? Call Cadent on 0800 111 999

Smoke Alarm

In our buildings we’ll always make sure that:

  • The evacuation procedure is visible on each floor
  • Emergency evacuation routes are clearly lit and sign posted
  • The contact details of our Specialist Fire Safety Team is displayed

Following your feedback we will:

  • Renew fire evacuation information for all relevant buildings
  • Share timely fire safety campaigns on all our channels
  • Share regular updates in the app for you to access fire safety advice and information

74% of you told us you had seen fire safety information from us

If there’s a fire in your home, call 999 as soon as possible

Electrical Safety

Around half of household fires are caused by electrical faults so it’s really important we carry out electrical inspections in your home. We’ll do this before you move in and then every five years. When we visit we’ll:

  • Check electrical sockets, wiring, light fittings, wired smoke alarms and lighting with closed covers in your building
  • Carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in any communal areas every two years

Following your feedback we will:

  • Give you an electric meter cupboard key and guidance on electrical checks at sign up
  • Roll out electric meter cupboard keys to our existing customers with up-to-date electrical safety information
  • Update our website with a dedicated section to give you more information about keeping you safe in your home

60% of you wanted us to tell you more about the electrical testing we do

Each month our Rangers and Housing teams check our buildings are free from fire risks or access issues.

  • Our Rangers do minor repairs and manage other issues like fly-tipping or health and safety hazards.
  • We work with our out-of-hours caretakers (where this service is provided) to identify security and health and safety risks and respond to out-of-hours reports of disruptive behaviour.

Following your feedback we will:

  • Review information given to you at sign up
  • Launch ‘Rangers on the Road’ a monthly campaign to raise awareness of the checks we carry out.
  • Do more to let you know when our teams will be in your area.

Only 5% of customers knew we did monthly checks in all of our buildings.

We work hard to keep you safe but you have an important role to play too.

  • It's important you get in touch to report any concerns to us.
  • Keep your fire doors closed and never wedge them open. If yours doesn’t close properly it's important you let us know
  • Keep exits clear of obstructions and flammable items so that you can escape quickly and easily in an emergency
  • Never put rubbish or belongings in corridors, under stairs or in any part of the building other than the dedicated bin areas
  • Give us access to your home to complete any building safety repairs or checks. We’ll always arrange an appointment and let you know when this will be.
  • Hold a valid home contents insurance policy to protect your belongings in the event of an incident.

If you report something to us, and it isn’t resolved, please let us know so we can make it right

Retirement & Supported Living

In some of our buildings, where staff are on site or visit regularly we’ll make sure that staff based in the building help to keep you up to date with the latest building safety information in a way that meets your needs.

Princethopre Court July 2021

Talking to you about building safety

For some building safety matters we’ll need to find out more from you. This might mean consulting with you or asking you to take part in a survey. We’ll consult with you when:

  1. Proposing changes to your building that could impact on you
  2. Reviewing, updating or amending building safety policy/procedures
  3. Carrying out any refurbishment works to your building
  • During any refurbishment work we’ll consult with you and speak to you before we make plans for any major work
  • We’ll always offer a range of ways to give your feedback, including telephone, text, email, online, and through social media

To find out how you think we’re doing we’ll ask you at least once a year.

So that you know we’re doing what we said we would we’ll regularly update you with performance information.

In our Customer Annual Report we’ll tell you:

  • How we’ve met all our legal and regulatory obligations to keep you safe
  • About the feedback we’ve received and the changes we’ve made as a result

You can contact our Customer Scrutiny Team if you want more information about any consultation we’ve done.

Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance

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Electrical safety

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Water Safety


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