What are mutuals?

Retirement Living Mutuals are a variety of schemes where leaseholders are collectively the landlord. They are a type of cooperative housing. A number of residents will be on the Mutual’s Board (also known as Committee). Our role is that of Managing Agent, where we perform the Landlord’s function on their behalf. 

How can I purchase a property in a mutual?

Leaseholders sell their properties on the housing market and these will be advertised in the local estate agents and/or Rightmove. Normally, we do not sell properties within Mutuals, but we do get involved in the process as a buyer or seller will ask us for information or consents as required by their lease agreement. 

Can I extend my lease?

Lease extensions are allowed on a voluntary basis and are subject to the Landlord having a sufficient term to grant a lease extension which will operate on a surrender and re-grant basis.  That would mean you surrender your existing term, in return for a new lease with a longer term.

If you are a mutual leaseholder and would like to discuss extending your lease you can speak to your Scheme Manager, email the Mutuals team at mutuals@midlandheart.org.uk or phone on 0345 60 20 540.

Meet the Team

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