These videos are for guidance purposes only and if you don't feel confident fixing the problem yourself, please contact a professional tradesperson for help.

What to do when you smell gas

If you smell gas in your home, it's important to follow these steps.

How to turn off your main water supply

Here are some tips on how to isolate a leak and switch off your main water supply.

How to unblock your sink

Follow this easy advice to unblock your sink and help water flow to the drain.

Manually flushing your toilet

If you're unable to flush your toilet, you can follow these instructions to flush it manually.

Replacing your toilet seat

If you need to replace your toilet seat, this is how to do it.

How to unblock your drain

If your drain's clogged, follow these simple steps to fix the problem.

How to replace a sink plug

Here's how to attach a new sink plug when the old one is damaged or missing.

More support from us

If you'd like to contact us about a repair, please first check who's responsible for the repair by clicking the button below...

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It's important to check this because if we visit your home and find that the repair is your responsibility, you'll be charged what it costs us to put it right.

Once you’ve confirmed that a repair is our responsibility:

  • You can now use the Midland Heart app to book a repair and keep track of your appointment, download it for free from the App store or Google Play. To find out more information about it, please click here
  • If you don't have a smartphone, please give us a ring on 0345 60 20 540 to report your repair. Our Hub is open from Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM. Outside of this time your call will be transferred to our out of hours service and you'll only be able to report emergency repairs.
  • You can also private message us on Facebook or X to book your repair.