Supply to us

Midland Heart currently spends in excess of £85m a year on our existing contracts across 140 different suppliers providing organisations of all sizes with opportunities for business.

As well as maintaining our existing contracts with existing suppliers we are always developing new tender opportunities to procure new suppliers to cover our services.

We often set a time limit on our contracts, this could range from a year to 10 years. Towards the end of our existing contracts we face the decision to keep our existing supplier/s (where contracts have an option to extend) or take the opportunity to procure new contracts.

In order to ensure that we award contracts in a fair and transparent manner we operate the following methods for the procurement of goods, services and works:

Total   Contract Value Method of Procurement
£0-10,000 Demonstrate Value for Money
£10,000-181,302 Formal Quotations Process
£181,302+ European Procurement procedure