• Keeping your details up to date

    Please let us know if your contact details change as soon as possible.

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Update my information

It's very important to make sure that your details are kept up to date. You'll need to tell us if you change your name or if the people you live with changes as soon as possible.

We've created this short form so that it's quick and easy for you to update your information.

Click below if you'd like more information.

  • How do I change my name

    You’ll need to tell us if you legally change your name so we can keep our records up to date.

    We’ll need to see a copy of your passport, driving licence, residence permit or an Official Letter in your new name. We’ll also need to see one of the official documents listed below

    • A marriage certificate - If you want to change your name because you have got married
    • A Deed Poll letter - If you have changed your name with the government via the Deed Poll service
    • A decree absolute - If you want to change your name because you have got divorced

    We've set up this simple form to make it easy for you to tell us about the change.

  • How do I make changes to my tenancy or household

    You’ll need to contact us if you’d like to add someone to your agreement. In most cases this is with a partner, spouse or civil partner.

    We’ll ask for your partners ID and proof that they’ve been living with you for the last 12 months and check that your rent account is up to date.

    A joint agreement means all the rights and responsibilities are shared equally between both of you. You’ll both be responsible for paying the rent in full, even if one of you leaves the property.

    We know that circumstances change and relationships can break down. If one of you no longer wants to be on the joint tenancy agreement let us know. We’ll look at both your needs and tell you about your options.

    Can I have a lodger?

    You may be able to take in a lodger but you’ll need to contact us for written permission first.

    We’ll make a decision based on your tenancy type and whether or not your agreement allows it.

    Don't forget to find out if having a lodger will affect your entitlement to any benefits that you’re claiming.

    Can I sublet my home?

    You can’t sublet your whole property to someone and live elsewhere. You must live in your home and it must be your only or main home.


  • How do I report that a tenant has died?

    We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult and there’s a lot to think about.

    However, we’ll need to know about the death of any tenant as soon as possible.

    In order for us to update our records, end the tenancy or pass on a tenancy there is some information we need:

    • The name of the person who has passed away
    • The date on which the person passed away
    • A copy of the death certificate
    • The details of the Next of Kin, Executor, Trustee or a member of the family who we can contact to discuss the tenancy.

    Some people find it easier to notify us online, so we've developed this short form for you to do so.

    Passing on a tenancy
    The tenancy may be able to be passed on to someone else if you die. This is known as succession. Details about succession will usually be written in your tenancy agreement.

    The right of succession only applies once. So if someone has already taken over the tenancy in this way, there is no further right for another person to succeed the tenancy.

    However, we’ll always consider each case individually and in line with our policy and procedures.

    The law around succession can be very complicated. Contact us and we can guide you through the process.

  • How do I end my tenancy

    When you end your tenancy with us, you’ll need to let us know in writing at least 4 weeks before you leave your home. You can do this by filling in this form.

    We’ll write back to you and let you know when the last day of your tenancy will be.

    If you live in one of our schemes please speak to your scheme manager about ending your tenancy.

    This short video will explain what you need to do when ending your tenancy with us.


  • How do I get a tenancy reference?

    If you're moving out of one of our properties and into rented accommodation your new landlord may ask for a tenancy reference from us. 

    We’re happy to provide these and send a standard reference to you. You can then give it to your new landlord. 

    Our standard reference includes details about:

    • The length and dates of your tenancy
    • If you have any debt and how much debt there is
    • If there have been any proven tenancy breaches or any current investigations for Anti-social behaviour
    • If there have been any issues with the condition of the property and if you have caused any damage to the property

    To request a reference simply fill out this form