Listening to your views

This is the first time we’re reporting on 22 new ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ (TSMs) that were introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing for 2023/24.

Twelve of these are connected to our tenant and leaseholder perceptions of the homes and services we provide, and 10 relate to our management information. Together these provide us with valuable insight on our performance as a landlord and what matters most to you, in your home and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.

Watch our short videos to hear more from Trevor Stanley, Chair of our My Impact tenant group, and some of our Midland Heart colleagues who highlight what we’ve learnt and how we are continuing to use this feedback to improve our services for all. You can also access our first annual TSM results by clicking here (or click here for a plain-text version).

How we collect this information

Over the last 12 months an independent research company, IFF Research, have spoken to over 2,500 people on the phone to understand how they feel about our services. 

Alongside IFF Research, we have worked hard to make sure that those spoken to are truly representative of all of our tenants. That means we ensure we speak to more people who rent our general needs properties as they make up the vast majority of our homes. We also make sure to speak to tenants of all ages and ethnicities, again ensuring feedback captured is representative of our tenant base.

Read our report

For a full breakdown of our 2023/24 results, view or download our new Tenant Satisfaction Report below.

Annual TSM Results 2023-24

pdf - 7077Kb

Plain-text TSM Results 2023-24

docx - 32Kb