Ending my tenancy

If you decide to end your tenancy with us, you need to let us know in writing at least 4 weeks before you leave your property. you can do this by submitting a form here. We will write to you within 48 hours and confirm when the last day of your tenancy will be.

This short video will explain what you need to do when ending your tenancy with us.

Getting a reference

If you're moving on to other rented accommodation your new landlord may want a tenancy reference from us.  We're happy to provide these and send a standard reference to you to give to your new landlord. 

Midland Heart send a standard reference detailing:

  • The length and dates of the tenancy
  • If the tenant has any debt, the level of debt
  • If there have been any proven tenancy breaches for ASB or if there are any current investigations
  • If there is any history of issues with the condition of the property and if the tenant had caused any damage to the property

To request a reference simply fill out this form

Telling us about the death of a tenant

If a customer who is named as a sole or joint tenant in a Midland Heart property passes away we need to know.  For some people it is more convenient to notify us online so we've developed this short form to provide that option.  If you'd like to contact us on the phone or in person that's fine too. 

In order to update our records, end the tenancy or manage a succession there is some information we need:

  • the name of the person who has passed away
  • the date on which the person passed away
  • the details of the executor, trustee or personal representative of the person who has passed away
  • a copy of the death certificate

Please note: We will need to see a copy of the death certificate in order to update our records. If you are unable to upload it at this time you can email it to contact@midlandheart.org.uk or contact us to discuss posting a copy.

Please let us know about the death of a tenant here.