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Whether you need to update your personal details, let us know about the death of a tenant or request a reference you can do so on this page. For more information please look at our sidebars.

Changing your name

We've set up this simple form so you can inform us easily if you change your name. We will need to see a copy of one of the official documents listed below for our records. A copy of a marriage certificate - if you want to change your name because you have got married. A Deed Poll letter - if you have changed your name with the government via the Deed Poll service. A decree absolute - if you want to change your name because you have got divorced.

Let us know about the death of a tenant

We understand that losing someone is very difficult and we want to make any contact with us about this as easy as possible for you. If you have a copy of the death certificate please upload it here. Please note: We will need to see a copy of the death certificate in order to update our records. Once this has been received we will start the process of arranging this change but please be advised that we cannot end the tenancy until the death certificate has been received.

Requesting a tenancy reference

If you're moving from a Midland Heart property to other rented accommodation your new landlord may require a tenancy reference from Midland Heart. We are happy to provide these and send a standard reference to you to give to your new landlord.

Midland Heart send a standard reference detailing: The length and dates of the tenancy If the tenant has any debt, the level of debt If there have been any proven tenancy breaches for ASB or if there are any current investigations If there is any history of issues with the condition of the property and if the tenant had caused any damage to the property.

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If you need to request data about a Midland Heart customer, you'll need to complete this form instead...

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