We have arranged for our gas contractor, PH Jones to visit some of our residents’ homes to install a carbon monoxide detector to help keep you safe in your home.

Why are we fitting these monitors?

We’re doing this because there have been some changes to social housing legislation and it’s now a requirement for carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in every room with a gas appliance (excluding gas cookers).

The safety of you and your household remains our top priority. It’s really important that you have a monitor fitted when you’re contacted to help keep you and your household safe. 

How long will it take for my monitor to be fitted?

The detectors are battery operated and will only take 10-15 minutes to install.

If we have an appointment to visit you to complete a gas repair, PH Jones will fit your carbon monoxide detector at the same time to help minimise disruption to you as much as possible.

Do I still need a gas safety check if I have a CO detector?

You will still need to have your annual gas safety check completed but an appointment for this will be sent to you separately.

These checks and the carbon monoxide detectors are essential to help keep you safe in your home. You must give access to engineers as agreed in the terms of your tenancy agreement. 

My detector keeps beeping, what should I do?

If your alarm starts beeping continuously it’s really important that you take action fast. You must turn off the gas supply, open doors and windows and leave the property.

If it’s beeping intermittently, contact us or call 0345 60 20 540 and we’ll arrange to visit your home and repair or replace the monitor.