Supplier portal

This area is designed for suppliers to provide you with direct access to the information required to do business with us.

Here you will find a link information on Bravosolutions, example Pre Qualification Questionnaire/Invitation to Tender documents and example Terms and Conditions which you can familiarise yourself with prior to bidding for any work.

If you have any questions for the team please use the contact us form.

The procurement process
You can browse the information we use at different stages of the procurement process below.
We use the standard questionaire template as our "PQQ" -
A sample Invitation to Tender (ITT)

Model contract documents
Below you will find the standard template contract documents used by Midland Heart. These will be adapted to reflect the requirements of eachcontract let by us. The amended version will be made available on the Bravosolutions website during the tender stage of a procurement.
Standard contract T&Cs - Goods
Standard contract T&Cs - Services

Midland Heart T&C’s for the under OJEU contracts

Goods & Services T&C’s      

Professional Services T&C’s                                                                   

JCT Minor Works Schedule of Amendments                                            

JCT Measured Term Contract Schedule of Amendments


E-Procurement website 
We utilise an e-procurement website called Bravosolutions for our European procurement activity. We ask that suppliers register under the "Click here to register" section in order to complete the PQQ/tender exercise. Suppliers must also take into consideration any additional questions in the OJEU advert and add these to the additional information section. We will then provide all tender information to the successful PQQ suppliers and request all tender information is returned where possible via this website. There is no cost to suppliers for this service.
To help you navigate the website we have produced an easy to follow guide for you to browse below.
Using the Bravosolutions website

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