Supplier portal

Welcome to Midland Heart.  This area of the supplier portal enables suppliers access to tender opportunities.  Midland Heart uses an environmentally friendly electronic tendering system known as Intend.  It is free to register your company details and once registered you will be able to express interest in tender opportunities.

Although tender opportunities are published (e.g., in the Official Journal of the European Union, Contracts Finder), it is your responsibility to check our system frequently for opportunities (click on “Tenders” when you land on the site).  Depending on where advertised, there can be a delay in the publication of tender information so always best to check our system directly.

If you have any questions for the team, please email

The procurement process

Midland Heart follows the Public Contracts Regulations. This means our procurement activity has to adhere to the directives. Further information on the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 is available here

Current thresholds when procuring using the regulations are:

  • Suppliers and Services Contracts: £189,330 exc. VAT
  • Works £4,733,252 exc. VAT

Please note that Midland Heart uses the following contracts when procuring:

Midland Heart T&C’s for the under OJEU threshold contracts

Goods & Services T&C’s  (Including for Purchase orders)    

Consultancy Services T&C’s                                                                   

JCT Minor Works Schedule of Amendments                                            

JCT Measured Term Contract Schedule of Amendments

Model contract documents (Over OJEU threshold)
Below you will find the standard template contract documents used by Midland Heart. These will be adapted to reflect the requirements of each contract let by us. The amended version will be made available on the In-tend website during the tender stage of a procurement.

Standard contract T&Cs - Goods
Standard contract T&Cs - Services

PO Terms and Conditions

E-Procurement website 

Midland Heart use an environmentally friendly electronic tendering system where tender opportunities are made available. We recommend you register your company details within the system so you will access to opportunities. Registration is free.

To register, go to the In-tend website



Useful information for suppliers

Midland Heart make use of Frameworks.  These enable our organisation to reduce timescales in the tender process as the tender process has already been undertaken and completed.  If you wish to become a Framework supplier, you must contact each organisation listed below individually.

Useful links

ESPO (Eastern Shire Purchasing Organisation)
Crown Commercial Services (CCS)
Procurement for Housing 
Northern Housing consortium 
Fusion 21

If you have any further questions, please get in touch at