Supplier portal

Welcome to Midland Heart.  This area of the supplier portal enables suppliers access to tender opportunities.  Midland Heart uses an environmentally friendly electronic tendering system known as Intend.  It is free to register your company details and once registered you will be able to express interest in tender opportunities.

Although tender opportunities are published (Find a Tender Service, Contracts Finder), it is your responsibility to check our system frequently for opportunities (click on “Tenders” when you land on the site).  Depending on where advertised, there can be a delay in the publication of tender information so always best to check our system directly.

If you have any questions for the team, please email

The procurement process

Midland Heart complies with Public Contracts Regulations. Click here for further information. 

Current thresholds when procuring using the regulations are shown below.  Please note these change every two years and are due an update January 2022.

  • Suppliers and Services Contracts: £189,330 exc. VAT
  • Works £4,733,252 exc. VAT

Terms and Conditions

Please note that Midland Heart uses the below suite of contracts for our procurement-related activity.  Within some forms of contract, the Order Form will be completed to reflect the requirements of the contract.  In all other instances, the terms and conditions will not be modified.  If an exceptional circumstance arises, the Head of Legal must be consulted.

Contract Name

Description/When Used


Goods/Services Agreement

Used when two or more parties are contracting to supply goods or services, and both parties are required to sign the Agreement.

NOTE:  This is not dependent on value but rather contractual requirements.

Download document

Purchase Order Terms

Used when paying for goods/services where a purchase order is raised and no signed contract is required.  

NOTE:  These terms are not required to be attached to the PO where a signed contract exists between a supplier and MH.

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Consultancy Agreement 

Used when engaging an individual to provide professional services of any value.  The Agreement must be signed by the consultant and MH.

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ICT Hardware and Software Agreement

Used when procuring technology hardware and software of any value.  The Agreement must be signed by the supplier and MH.

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JCT Measured Term Contract

Used when there will be a regular programme of maintenance, minor works or improvement projects that will likely be undertaken by a single supplier over a specified period of time.

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JCT Minor Works Contract

Typically used on projects where the value of the works is less than £250,000 and the duration of the project is less than 12 months period.

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