Property interest

You have recently bid for a Midland Heart property and we would like to know if you are still interested in this property. Please note that we are contacting a few other applicants and so telling us you are interested does not always mean you will be offered a viewing.

If you are shortlisted to view and are successfully offered the property you will most likely need to be available on the same day as the viewing to attend a pre-tenancy assessment and you will be asked to sign for the tenancy and be given the keys afterwards.

You will be asked to pay a week’s rent before your tenancy begins, or if you sign your tenancy agreement on the same day as your viewing you will be asked to make the payment over the phone and so please bring a method of payment with you to the appointment.

You will also have been asked to bring identification, proof of income and possibly other documents and so don’t forget these as you will not be able to sign for the tenancy without them.

More information about the viewing can be found on the Viewing Information webpage. Please click the link so you know what to expect when you meet us.

Please complete this form to tell the lettings team to confirm if you do wish to be considered for this property.

Please note, you can also withdraw your consent by contacting us using