To keep your home and community safe, we’ve been upgrading our CCTV systems in most of our buildings and schemes in recent months. We now have a team who live monitor CCTV footage overnight so they can respond to, and report, any issues immediately.

As part of our drive to deter and detect crime and anti-social behaviour, we’re beginning to regularly share a range of case studies to show you how the system is working for our tenants. The first one covers our Bismillah building in central Birmingham.

Spotting an issue

Recently, one of our CCTV operatives spotted a group of 13 people in one of the corridors in at our Bismillah building, all entering a single flat. Around 15 minutes later, he noted that 5 more people were also walking towards the same flat.

Shortly after this, an argument broke out between two of the individuals and the CCTV Operative immediately contacted West Midlands Police to report the incident.

What happened next?

After our CCTV Operative reported the incident, four police officers arrived and two of them entered the flat to investigate. The police officers were satisfied that there were no more issues and no arrests were made.

Ongoing monitoring

Since the CCTV cameras went live at Bismillah building, our operatives have noticed significant activity at this particular property. There’s been a number of occasions where groups of people can be seen entering the property in the early hours of the morning.

Now that our CCTV Operatives have noticed this trend, they can now keep a better watch on this building and immediately report any future issues to West Midlands Police who are now fully aware. Our CCTV has played a key role so far.

We’ve finished installing CCTV cameras in all of our buildings and they’ve had a positive impact in preventing and dealing with any trouble and making your communities safer.