We all want to live independently and feel comfortable in our home. That’s why it’s important to us that we do everything we can to help you when you need aids, or need us to adapt your home to suit your needs.

We offer a range of aids and adaptations such as grab rails or stair rails and level access showers. We’ll work closely with you and your medical representatives to find the options that best suit you.

Gary's story

Click on this video to hear how we adapted Gary's home to help him to live independently.


What's the difference between a major and a minor adaptation?

Minor works are aids like grab rails, stair rails and lever taps.

Major adaptations are changes to your home that require more work, like a level access shower, shower cubicles and ramps.

What kinds of adaptations can I ask for?

Tenants can self-refer for minor adaptations such as grab rails, bannister rails and lever taps. Any major adaptations such as level access showers will require a referral from a medical professional.

Will I have to pay for adaptations?

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for any adaptations provided by us. However, if a lift is provided, you will be asked to pay a service charge to help us to fully maintain the lift and replace it in the future if needed.

If you receive Housing Benefit, the cost of the service charge will be covered and you won't need to pay any extra money.

Do I need permission if the local authority are doing the adaptation in my home?

If you have already contacted an occupational therapist and your local authority has confirmed you are eligible for Disability Grant Funding, we will be asked by the local authority to allow permission for the works to be completed in your home.

We will normally grant permission, but some more extensive works may need us to fully investigate first.

What is the timeline for getting them installed?

Once approved, we aim to complete minor works within 28 working days, and major adaptations within 90 working days.

Can I request equipment?

Your local authority will provide a range of freestanding portable or medical aids, including but not limited to:

  • Portable hoists
  • Hospital beds
  • Toilet frames
  • Shower chairs
  • Bathing equipment
What if my home is not suitable for adaptations?

If an occupational therapist has identified that your home isn't suitable for adaptation and a move is recommended, we will review your case and work with the Lettings Team to find a suitable alternative.

How do I apply for adaptations?

Step 1 – You'll need to ask your GP to make a referral to occupational therapy services, or speak to your local authority social services by clicking here. They will then carry out an occupational therapist or personal needs assessment to see what will help you in your home.

After they've carried out the assessment, your occupational therapist will need to fill out this form here (or they can download a Word document version of the form here).

Step 2 - Once you’ve had a visit from an occupational therapist, you’ll need to send us their written recommendation, and completed form if they have downloaded a copy instead of filling out our online form. You can email us or post it to:

Midland Heart Aids and Adaptations
Property Investment
20 Bath Row
B15 1LZ

What happens next with minor requests?

Once the form has been received, any minor aids requests will be acknowledged by letter within 14 working days, providing a decision.

Once approved, we'll complete works within 28 working days.

Your Local Authority may confirm you are eligible for Disabled Facilities Grant funding to help with the cost of the aids. If we grant permission to the Local Authority, they'll contact you to arrange completion of the works.

What happens next with major requests?

Any major adaptation requests will be acknowledged by letter within 28 working days, please note should we require further information or supporting evidence and need to liaise with OT/LA, this may delay us providing a decision.

Once/if approved, we will complete works within 90 working days.

Your Local Authority may confirm you are eligible for means tested Disabled Facilities Grant funding to help with the cost of the adaptation. If we grant permission to the Local Authority, they will contact you to arrange completion of works.

The following aids and adaptations will be subject to a service charge or maintenance agreement before providing a decision:

  • Clos-o-mat/Wash/Dry Toilet
  • Stair Lift
  • Through Floor Lift
  • Hoists
  • Automated Door Entry
  • Step/Platform Lifts

If you have any questions about any of this, give us a ring on 0345 60 20 540 or you can email us by clicking here.