Upgrades and renewals

As your rented home gets older we may need to replace or improve items such as bathrooms, kitchens and windows.

Every year we plan which homes will need items replaced due to their age and condition. To do this we carry out a Stock Condition Survey, which is a tool we use to look at the current equipment and fittings in our homes and predict when these may need to be replaced and the cost of doing this.

As part of the survey we look at all parts of a building, checking the condition and state of repair including external, internal and shared areas.  All the key areas have what’s called a ‘UK standard lifecycle’ for renewal which is the guidance we use for our surveys.

Average lifecycle of items:

  • Kitchens – 20 years lifecycle
  • Bathrooms – 30 years lifecycle
  • Central Heating – 30 years lifecycle
  • Windows – 30 years lifecycle
  • Roofs – Between 20 – 75 years (depending on the covering material)

Surveying your home

Surveys normally take just 30 minutes and we will give you plenty of notice so we can arrange a date and time that suits you. Part of the survey will include photographs of the main items and rooms, along with photographs of the front and rear of your property. These images are then uploaded and stored in our systems.

When will a survey be scheduled on my home?

When your property is scheduled for an upgrade we will write to you with details of the contractor who’ll be carrying out the work and we’ll keep you up to date throughout the installation process.

Thinking about doing your own home improvements?

Check out our home improvements and DIY section first to find out if you need permission first.