Modernising your homes

Your home has been chosen to be considered for our upgrade programme.

There’s no cost to you for these upgrades. As your landlord, it’s our role to make sure you have a quality home that meets your needs.

Maddy, our Tenant Engagement Officer, is working in your area and making contact with tenants to talk through our plans to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

How can I get involved?

To make sure that any improvements are made with you in mind and to help us understand what upgrades would work for you, Maddy will be in touch to arrange a time to meet with you and chat this through in more detail.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with us and arrange a time that works for you, or if you would just like some more information, you can contact Maddy on:

Please keep an eye on this page for further information and updates about the project.


Why are you modernising our homes?

We’ve had lots of feedback from our tenants telling us that improving the quality and energy efficiency of their homes is really important to them.

As a result of this feedback, we’ll be starting a pilot project to modernise some of our oldest homes.

Why have you chosen my home?

At the moment, we’ve selected 45 homes that we believe would benefit from the improvements we’re planning and your home is one of these.

Who are Equans?

Equans are the contractor we’re working with on the project. They will come out and undertake a survey on your home, as well as completing any future works if your home is included in the project.

Why would you need to do a survey at my home?

We want to make sure that any improvements we make to your home take your needs into consideration so before we make any decisions we want to understand a little bit more about you and how you use your home.

We also need to get more information about the condition of your home to help us identify the right improvements.

Will my home definitely be included in the project?

Your home has been selected to undergo a range of surveys to assess whether your home is suitable for the project.

Once the surveys have been completed, either Equans or our own staff will be in touch with you to discuss the outcome of the surveys and, if selected, the next steps.

Will this save me money?

These works won’t necessarily save you money but we hope that by the end of the work your home will be more modern and comfortable.

We may also install more modern systems that work better than the current ones in your home. In some cases, that may result in lower household costs.

What if I have any questions during the process?

Following the initial survey, if your home is selected to be included within the project you will have a designated point of contact with Equans.

If you have any questions or concerns you are also more than welcome to get in touch with Maddy, our dedicated Tenant Engagement Officer.