There are some important things that you must do if you’ve reported an emergency repair to us.

You can find out more about what to do if there is a leak, power failure or an issue with your gas below.

If you’ve reported a leak, you must:

  • Turn the water off using the stopcock (usually located under the sink but sometimes in the cupboard under the stairs, garage or outside the property)
  • If you can, use a bucket or bowl to contain the water
  • Move personal belongings and furniture out of the way to avoid damage

If it gets worse, please phone us back on 0345 60 20 540 as soon as possible

If you’ve reported exposed wires, you must:

  • Turn off the circuit at the consumer unit if you can
  • Keep well away from the wires that you’ve reported until we arrive

If you’ve not got any electricity:

  • If there is a power cut in your area, dial 105
  • Check you’ve got credit on your meter
  • Check your consumer unit to see if any of the switches are in the ‘off’ position (down), if you can, flick the switch back on (up). If it won’t stay on you may have a faulty appliance plugged in. You will need to switch off all the sockets in your home and unplug all your appliances, this includes your fridge, washing machine and router. Try to flick the switch back on (up) again.

If you smell gas

You should call the National Gas Emergency Service helpline on 0800 111 999. If you can:

  • DO open doors and windows to get fresh air in and ventilate the property.
  • DO turn off the gas at the mains tap.

Where can I find my gas isolation valve?

In newer houses, the isolation valve is normally outside with the gas meter - in a meter box. If it's not there, try looking under the stairs, beneath the kitchen sink or in the garage.

Turn the handle so the lever is at 90 degrees to the upright gas pipe.

If the gas leak is in a cellar or a basement, don’t enter and instead evacuate the building.