Home Improvement Permissions

We understand that you want to be proud of your home, and that at any point during your tenancy you may want to complete some home improvements or DIY. There are some home improvements which you can do without requiring Midland Heart's permission, other improvements will require authorisation and there are some which will not be allowed.

Use this tool to check which of these categories your planned improvement falls under.

If you want to make home improvements you will need to meet the cost of these. You will also be responsible for repairing any damage caused to the property during the improvement and any future maintenance and repairs to the improvement.

To fill out your application online please see permissions below.


  • What are my rights and responsibilities for home improvements?

    You will find all of the answers here in our Home Improvements Booklet.

  • Can Midland Heart refuse my application to carry out a home improvement?

    We may refuse the improvements if the proposed works:

    • May make the property unsuitable for future customers
    • Pose a health and safety risk
    • Are likely to be objected to by your neighbours
    • Fail to meet, or show how they would meet, building or planning regulations
    • Aren’t in keeping with the rest of the property
    • Risk weakening the structure of the building

    We will give you a full explanation if your application is refused.

  • What happens if I move home after making the home improvement?

    Your letter of permission will say if fixtures and fittings you have installed can be removed when you move out. If allowed, you must put your property back to its original condition. Midland Heart will refund you for part of the cost of the improvement if it qualifies under the Right to Compensation for Improvements. An allowance will be made for the age and condition of the improvement.

    You will not get compensation if you are taking the improvement when you leave, did not seek permission for the improvements or if you are buying your home under the right to buy scheme.

    Interior decoration does not qualify for compensation.

    For more information on compensation please see our leaflet

  • What is a defect period and why can I not make improvements if my home is in defects?

    When a property is newly built, it is said to be within a “defects” period. This period usually last for 12 months from the property being completed. During this time, the company who built the property are liable for any snagging or repairs the property may need.

    Home improvements cannot be made during this period as it could affect this defects liability.



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