ASB Awareness Week 2023


Asb News Image

Today marks the start of the third annual ASB Awareness Week . This year we’re working in partnership with organisers Resolve to raise awareness and make sure that all of our customers know and understand their rights.

Throughout the week we’ll be busting the Myths on Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), telling you more about the first enquiry report by the All Party-Parliamentary Group (APPG) on ASB and explaining the different ways that we can work with you if you’re experiencing issues.

What is ASB?

In housing we define Anti-Social Behaviour (or ASB as it’s better known) as persistent behaviour which causes a nuisance, harassment, alarm, distress or an annoyance to others.

Some examples of ASB:

  • Verbally abusive, threatening, or intimidating behaviour
  • Drug use or dealing in the property or local area
  • Persistent loud shouting and arguing in and around a property
  • Continually playing music or the TV so it can be heard outside of the home
  • Dogs regularly barking and pets causing damage to property

Some examples of things that are not ASB:

  • Disputes related to parking
  • Complaints about normal domestic noises like doors banging, washing machines and normal everyday activities, such as children playing
  • Dogs barking at reasonable times and acceptable levels
  • Children playing ball games or youths congregating
  • ‘One off’ events such as a birthday or Christmas parties

We understand that having a dispute with your neighbours about any of the above can be upsetting but we can only get involved if it’s something that we classify as ASB.

There are steps we can all take to create better relationships with our neighbours. It starts by being considerate of your own actions and finding ways to speak to your neighbours to calmly to resolve issues before the problem gets worse. We’ll share some tips on how you can do this later in the week.

However if you are experiencing ASB we’re here to help. Visit our ASB page to find out how to report it and options are available to you.