Do you register your appliances?


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This week is Register My Appliance Week – a week to raise awareness about why it’s so important to register both your second-hand and brand new appliances.

When we buy new products, there’s usually a reminder in the box about registering our appliance – and often, we’re offered an extended warranty or guarantee period if we do.

However, we don’t have the same reminders when we buy second-hand appliances so not many people think about registering them.

In fact, only 1 in 5 second-hand appliances are actually registered. With the current rise in cost of living, more and more people are buying used items to save money which means the number of non-registered appliances is on the rise.

Why should I register my appliance?

Registering your appliance, whether it’s brand new or second hand, means that you can be traced and contacted by the manufacturer if they notice any safety issues with your particular batch of appliances. They may need to recall the product completely or just contact you about a safety repair.

Faults or safety issues can be identified in products fairly soon after they are released or, in a small number of cases, can also be found after the product has been in use for some time – which is why it’s just as important to register second-hand items.

Put simply, registering your appliances is an easy way to make your home a safer place. 

How do I register my appliance?

Registering your appliances is easy and completely free.

If you buy a brand new product, information about registering it will usually come in the box alongside the manual and other information. It’s a good habit to get into to register these appliances straight away, before you forget!

If you buy something second-hand, or just forgot to register your appliance when you first bought it, don’t worry. You can visit the Register My Appliance website and register as many appliances as you need to – for free!

You’ll need to have some information ready to enter, like the brand of your product and the model name or number. You’ll also need to find the serial number of the appliance and give a rough date of when you purchased it.

Once that’s all done and you’ve registered your appliance, the manufacturer will be able to contact you if there are any safety concerns or faults you need to be aware of.


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