Stick to your budget this Christmas

Money Advice Christmas 29/11/2023

Xmas Budget

It’s really easy to go over-budget at Christmas, with the cost of gifts and celebrations adding up quickly. To help you keep on top of your spending, we’ve pulled together some top tips for you.

  • Prioritise your bills - The most important thing over Christmas is your home, so make sure you’ve paid your rent, council tax and other utility bills before spending money on other things
  • Set a budget for gifts - Talk to your friends and family and come up with a spending limit for your gifts. Or organise a Secret Santa between you so you only have to buy one present!
  • Don’t borrow money - We all want to enjoy Christmas, but the most important thing is spending time with loved ones – it’s not worth getting into debt just for one day
  • Compare prices - Shop around! Look at the price of products in different shops or on different websites before you buy to make sure you’re getting the best deal
  • Find free activities - There are plenty of things to do without needing to spend money over the festive period. Take a trip to see the Christmas lights, go on a nature walk or cosy up at home with a hot chocolate and a festive film

Money advice

If you’re worried about money over Christmas, it’s really important that you reach out for support. Paying your rent should be your top priority but we understand that everyone can have financial issues – and we’re here to help.

Our in-house Money Advice Team can help you manage your finances with free and confidential advice. They can check you’re claiming all the support that you’re entitled to and are experienced in supporting our tenants through a range of challenges, including resolving debt problems and accessing foodbanks.

If you’re worried about being able to afford your rent, please get in touch with your Rent Payment Officer on 0345 60 20 540. They’ll be able to support you based on your individual circumstances.