Understanding ASB in the community


James Watt Drive ASB 1005000

Anti-social behaviour awareness week 2023 ended with the focus of its last day on community action and how communities can come together to tackle problems in their neighbourhoods.

Although Community Action Day took place on Sunday 9th July, we made sure we were getting involved in the community throughout the week.

James Watt Drive

On Tuesday 4th July, we hosted an engagement day at James Watt Drive in Handsworth.

James Watt Drive has previously seen high levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) which has led to a lot of tenants moving out. James Watt Drive is now part of our intervention programme, which means an increased focus on making improvements that will help reduce ASB and make tenants feel safer and happier in their homes.

Our engagement day brought together some of our tenancy services officers and rangers, along with representatives from West Midlands Police, our grounds maintenance contractor Pinnacle and our out of hours patrol service SNSG to chat with residents and hear about any issues that have been concerning them recently.

The residents we spoke with were really happy to see us there, and felt they had someone to talk to about the issues in their neighbourhood. We reinforced that we are always there to support our customers and will be increasing our presence in the area to help deal with any problems quickly and efficiently.

Croft Pool

Croft Pool is a group of properties that we recently took over from another housing association and has historically suffered from high levels of ASB. As one of the newer additions to our stock, we want to make sure we’re checking in on our customers and that they feel happy and safe in their homes.

On Thursday 6th July, as part of ASB Awareness Week, our tenancy services team undertook a day of door-knocking around Croft Pool to chat with residents and check in on any issues they were having. We also asked residents to complete a questionnaire all about living in their community and what issues they face from a safety perspective.

We hope this feedback will help us to better understand what action we need to take moving forward to make the community a safer and nicer place to live.

Reporting ASB

It’s really important to us that our customers know all the services we can provide and the ways we can help them to love where they live. ASB can have a huge impact on this, and so we want to make it clear that our tenancy services team are here to help.

Find out more about the process for reporting and resolving ASB here, or give our Customer Hub a call on 0345 60 20 540.