Energy Savers Week

Saving Energy Money Advice Sustainability 17/01/2024

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This week is Energy Savers Week, and it’s a great time to reflect on how we can save money on our energy bills while still making sure we keep ourselves and our homes warm this winter!

Get support

From 1st January 2024, the energy price cap rose by 5%. We know that the increasing cost of energy is a real worry for so many of us, especially as the temperatures plummet in the colder months.

We’ve got some top tips to help you save on your energy bills but please remember, if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills you can get in touch with our Money Advice Team or the Citizens Advice Bureau who can make sure you’re getting all the support that you’re entitled to.

You can also take a look at the government's Help for Households webpage to find out if there's any extra support you could be claiming.

Saving on your energy bills

Here are some of our lesser-known tips for saving energy in your home:

  • Turn your appliances off at the switch. You could save £50 - £90 per year by switching off appliances properly and not leaving them on stand by.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room. This could save you more money than you think – and it’s a total myth that it takes more energy to switch them on and off than just leaving them on!
  • Keep your showers short especially if you have an electric shower as they use a lot of electricity. This also helps to save on your water bills!
  • Use the eco setting on your washing machine if you have one. It usually takes longer but it heats the water more slowly which is a lot more energy efficient.
  • Use a microwave or air fryer for small food items or for reheating things – it’s much cheaper than turning on your oven.
  • Turn down the radiators in rooms you don’t use but keep the doors slightly ajar so that some heat still gets into them and prevents them getting too cold

For more top tips on how to save energy and money, check out our Energy Saving factsheet.

You can also visit the Energy Saving Trust for more information, tips and support.