Updating our allocations policy

Midland Heart Homes Allocations Policy 25/03/2024

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From Tuesday 2nd April, the way we allocate our homes on Midland Heart Homes will change. While this won’t affect the way you bid for our homes, we are changing the process around when an advert goes live, how long it stays open for and the shortlisting process. 

What’s changing?

At the moment, whoever bids first for our homes when they go live – and has all the required information and evidence – is given the chance to accept the home.

Going forward, the home will be offered to the person who has bid for the home and whose registration status has been active for the longest time. They will also need to have added all the required information and evidence to support their application.

Why are we changing the process?

We believe that by giving first choice to the users whose registration status on MHH has been active for the longest time, we’re able to house those most in need.

We do expect you to check for available homes regularly. To keep your registration status active on MHH, you need to log in at least once every 6 months. If you don’t do this, your registration status will reset when you next log in. This is to make sure that users who are regularly checking our site and are in real need of housing get preference when they bid.

The way we advertise our homes will be slightly different

We won't be advertising our homes as ‘coming soon’ for 5 days any more. Adverts will now be listed at any time but will be open for 7 days and each advert will state the time and date it will close. You can bid at any time during these 7 days however, you must complete and submit your application before the advert closes.

You can still bid as normal

You still bid in exactly the same way as before.

Please pay attention to if the advert lists any restrictions or preference groups that we’ll give priority to, and make sure you’ve got the evidence to support these.

There’s no need to contact us as we will contact you if you have been shortlisted shortly after the advert closes. If you do not hear from us then you have been unsuccessful and should carry on bidding for other homes we advertise.

If you need any more information about bidding for homes, you can take a look at our frequently asked questions or get in touch.