Feedback from our shared owners

Shared Ownership Scrutiny Team Feedback 29/01/2024

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We want all of our tenants to be happy in their homes, and this means finding out from you what more we could be doing.

That’s why we’ve started a project to improve our Shared Ownership service, which we want to be shaped by your insight. 

What did we do?

In December 2023, our Customer Scrutiny Team launched a survey to all our shared owners to find out more about what we do well, what we could do better, and what more they’d like to see from us.

We received a total of 247 responses, which included detailed feedback from you sharing your honest thoughts on areas you’d like to see changed and improved.

The team have now started looking over the feedback and have already identified some key trends and next steps.

The results

Here are some of the key figures we were able to pull from the survey results, which will help guide us in our next steps and the areas we look to focus on:

  • 57% of you feel like your understanding of shared ownership has improved since you moved into your home 
  • 69% of you feel that the cost of living is stopping you from buying more shares
  • 75% of you said that you weren't aware of our money advice service 

The top 3 things you told us that you’d like to see from us were:

  • Clarity around repairs responsibility
  • Improved communication
  • More information around staircasing and resale

We noticed a pattern from the survey that those of you who have read through the leaseholder handbook feel more confident in their understanding of the shared ownership process.

“Information about shared ownership should be readily available and well known.” – (resident feedback)

What happens next

Our first action following on from this survey is to hold a focus group in February for shared ownership residents.

The focus group will include colleagues from our shared ownership teams and will give any attendees the opportunity to discuss the survey and any other feedback they have in more depth.

Depending on interest in the session, we would like to continue running a group on a regular basis moving forward so that we can discuss and further look into all the topics that you want to talk about. It’s really important to us that our shared owners have the opportunity to speak up and have their voice heard.

If you’d like to be involved in the initial focus group, or join in with the group moving forward, you can email or phone 07720143676.

Remember, you can find lots of useful information about shared ownership, including staircasing and resale, on our webpage here.