If you own a shared ownership property and want to sell it on, you have the option of selling just your share or the whole of the property. 

We've pulled together some key information below on selling your home, and if you're interested in selling your home you can email resales@midlandheart.org.uk.

Who's eligible to sell on their shared ownership property?

Anyone who owns shares in a shared ownership property is eligible to sell it on but you’ll only receive the value of the shares you own- unless you staircase fully and sell on the whole property.

What if my property has gone up in value since I purchased my shares? 

Before proceeding with the sale, your property will be valued by one of our recommended valuation companies, so we can make sure the property is sold at a fair and current market price.

Should I sell just my shares or is it better to staircase completely and sell the full property?

The best option for selling on your property shares depends on your particular situation.  

If you’ve done a lot of work on your property and made improvements that would significantly improve the resale value, it can be worth purchasing the remaining shares and then selling the property outright, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sale. 

If your home is in the same condition as when you purchased your shares and you haven’t invested much money into it, other than general upkeep, then it makes sense just to sell on your current shares as they are.  

Who will help me make the right decision?

Your estate agent can advise you on this and can try to sell in various different ways for you.

Who can I sell to?

If you’re selling your property on as a shared ownership property, the new buyer will need to meet our shared ownership eligibility criteria. You can find that in our shared ownership FAQs.

Your estate agent should know this and will help you find a buyer that fits.  

What if there isn't much time left on the lease?

If there isn't much time left on the lease, you can staircase to 100% and buy the freehold of property. 

For more information on your particular situation, you can email resales@midlandheart.org.uk


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