When will we close your case

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There are a few reasons why we might close an antisocial behaviour case. We’ll exhaust every option available to us before we'll consider doing this.

Why was my case closed?

Our ASB policy sets out five reasons why we would close a case, these are:

  1. The issues have been resolved to your satisfaction; or
  2. We’ve have taken all available action to resolve the matter; or
  3. The complainant fails to provide evidence and we cannot take any further action without their support; or
  4. Another agency is dealing with the case, and it no longer requires involvement from our officers.
  5. Following our investigation, no evidence exists to prove that incidents of anti-social behaviour have occurred.

How can we support you to manage antisocial behaviour

To find out more about how we can support you to manage ASB click here or take a look at our ASB policy.

Some of the things we can do to support you include:

  • Help you to come to an agreement through Restorative Justice
  • Explore informal ways of resolving the problem
  • Issue warnings to the people involved
  • Ask neighbours to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement or Acceptable Behaviour Contract
  • Seek legal action against the person responsible for the ASB

Please remember that it’s only in very few and high-level cases where evictions are the outcome of any ASB investigations.

I’m not happy with the outcome of my case

If you don’t feel that we’ve resolved your case or your unhappy with the way that it has been handled there are still options available to you.

There are other agencies which can also offer you support like the police or your local authority. The community trigger has been set up to help those who have experienced three incidents of antisocial behaviour in the past six months and may be able to offer you some further support.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome you might want to consider using our complaints process to raise your concerns and have your case reviewed by one of our independent complaints officers. To do this you can simply complete the online form on our website Complaints - Midland Heart.