Getting involved

Our Customer Scrutiny Team works with Midland Heart customers to help to shape and improve the services that we provide to you. By getting involved with us you can help to give us a fresh perspective of how things are working and work with us to make improvements to the services you receive.

There are a number of different ways that you can get involved with Midland Heart depending on your interests and the time you would like to give.

This way to getting involved...

  • Customer Oversight Group

    The Customer Oversight Group meets quarterly to monitor and review the impact and outcomes of all Customer Scrutiny and involvement activities carried out. They also ensure that we meet all of our regulatory requirements from external regulators.  

    Time involved - 3 hours quarterly

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  • Customer Scrutiny Panel

    Our Customer Scrutiny Panel uses a range of methods to carry out robust reviews of the customer-facing services and performance of Midland Heart, providing feedback and recommendations on their findings. They also work with us to monitor and review our performance against our service standards. 

    Time involved - 3 hours quarterly plus sub group meetings

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  • Task and Finish Group

    These are small groups of customers who work with us to discuss or monitor a particular subject/service or change for a set period of time. Each task will be given a timescale and you will work with us from the start to the finish of the project.

    Time involved - time changes depending on the task

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  • Consultation

    Be part of a group of customers who are asked a series of questions to help us understand how we can improve services. You can get involved in giving us your views on upcoming changes to policies. Consultations can be done either online or face to to face.  

    Time involved - as required

  • Customer Ambassadors

    We have a number of different Customer Ambassador groups who each work with staff from a particular area to inspect the work of our internal teams and contractors and give us feedback on what things are like ‘on the ground’.

    Our current Ambassador groups are:

    Place Champion

    General Needs accommodation


    To inspect the work of environmental services contractors and carry out peer assessments to ensure they are meeting the required standard.  Identify any other issues such as anti-social behaviour (ASB) or empty properties and grade schemes accordingly, highlighting any areas for attention by our Place Team.

    Key roles:

    Place Champions work with us to improve the standards of our estates and schemes by identifying issues submitting to the Place Team.  Depending on time, customers can inspect their areas or others.


    Customers living in a General Needs property can apply to become a Place Champion.

    Void inspector

    General Needs accommodation


    To work with us to improve the standard of the void works carried out by Property Care. 

    Key roles:

    To inspect and monitor the work of Property Care against our void standards, highlighting good practice and areas for attention or improvement. 


    All customers living within a Midland Heart property or service can apply to become a Void Inspector.

    Peer quality auditors 

    Supported Housing and Older Persons Peer Visits


    To help to deliver consistently high standards within Midland Hearts Schemes/ Services in line with regulatory requirements. For customers to help shape our services and have a direct input into the measurement of the service quality.

    Key roles:

    To carry out peer audits of Midland Heart’s Retirement Living and Care, Housing for Older People and Supported Living services, speaking with other customers and rating various aspects of the scheme from the environment to communication.


    Customers living in Retirement Living and Care, Housing for Older People or Supported Living services can apply to become a Peer Quality Auditor.


    Time involved - minimum 2 hours per month

  • Surveys and Mystery Shopping

    Filling in a survey helps us to get feedback and find out what has and hasn’t worked well in a specific area. You can complete them in a number of ways, including through the post or email.

    You can also Mystery Shop our services to ensure that they are meeting the standards we expect. You are given a set topic, for example repairs and you will be asked to get in touch with us (via phone or email) to ask a specific set of questions. You then feedback to us via a short form, how your experience was. Training is provided for Mystery Shopping.

    Time involved - as required

If you would like to get involved in any of the activities listed please complete our expression of interest form.

Once we have received your form, we will be in touch with you.

You can also contact us using any of the methods below. We will be more than happy to help you find a way to get involved that suits you, or to answer any questions you may have:

By post - Customer Scrutiny Team, Midland Heart, 20 Bath Row, Birmingham, B15 1LZ

Email -  

Call - 0345 60 20 540