The below information is only for those that have bought homes built through the 2021-2026 Homes England funding programme.

If you're unsure whether you're on a new model shared ownership lease, please check your lease or speak with your Leasehold Officer.

What's different about the new model shared ownership lease?

The new model shared ownership lease gives you £500 per year to use towards the cost of general repairs. You’re still responsible for getting these repairs done to your home but you’re able to make a claim for up to £500 towards the cost of your repairs.

You can also carry over any balance remaining up to a maximum of £500 per year.  

It also means that the landlord is responsible for external and structural repairs for the first 10 years of the lease

Important note: these repairs will be covered by the developer during your defects period, usually 12 months after the build is completed.

Other differences to the new model shared ownership lease let you:

  • Staircase in 1% tranches for the first 15 years of the lease
  • Staircase in 5% increments (it was previously 10%)
  • Buy a minimum stake of just 10% (previously 25%)
  • Have a term of at least 990 years on the new lease
What is the claims process?

To make a claim for the cost of your repairs you must get pre-approval from us before you get the work done. We will only consider retrospective claims where work has been done in an emergency.

Click here to see items covered under the £500 guarantee (please note, servicing is not included).

You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register your claim for approval.

What will happen once I submit my claim?

Once we receive your claim, we’ll check through all the information you give us.  We may need to ask you for more information to review your claim. Once we’ve approved or refused your claim internally, we’ll confirm the decision with you. If you claim is refused, you’ll have the opportunity to have this reviewed.

If your claim is accepted, then we’ll let you know and confirm the remaining balance of your allowance. We’ll also ask you for important information about the evidence you’ll need to send us after the work is completed. 

If you’re in arrears we may apply the credit for your repair to your rent account, rather than make the payment directly to you.  We’ll let you know when we process your claim if we’re going to do it this way. 

Can my claim be refused?

Yes, it is possible that your claim could be refused and below are some common reasons why:

  1. The repair is not covered by the scheme. The allowance only applies to services and heating, other elements would not be covered by the allowance but could still be covered by guarantees or warranties from the developer.
  2. The repair is not going to be completed by a company registered with Trustmark
  3. The component has not been routinely serviced/maintained with evidence to support this.
  4. The repair has been caused deliberately through an act or omission.
  5. Information requested (to process the claim) has not been provided.

Register a claim

Using the form below you can register your claim for approval. You must include: a photograph of the repair, a report with details of the issue, a quote from a Trustmark registered professional to complete the work and your payment details.

We’ll confirm that the work has been approved within seven working days. Once we’ve confirmed you can go ahead and get the work done.

Once the work has been completed you can use the form below to provide evidence of the completed repair and receipts to recover your costs (up to £500 each year).

If you need to get work done to your home in an emergency, you can also make a claim for the costs you’ve incurred using this process.

To request a repair or make a claim please complete the form below. Before we process a claim, we will still need to verify ourselves that you're eligible to make a claim.

Bank, sort code and account number