Your safety is our priority

Our aim is to make sure that not only are you safe in your home at Crocodile Court (Block Y), but that you also feel safe and able to speak to us about any concerns. We’ve worked with you to figure out the best way to speak to you about the safety of your building, and how you can let us know if you think there’s more that we could be doing.

That’s why we’ve pulled together all the useful information about your building’s fire safety precautions in one place:

If you have any fire safety concerns in your building, you can report them here. 

Click here to report any other safety concerns you might have.

If your safety concern is an emergency and requires urgent attention, please contact our Hub on 0345 60 20 540.

Building safety at Crocodile Court

Take a look at this video to see all the safety measures in place to protect you in case of a fire.