Shared ownership and leasehold


Shared ownership is a government scheme provided by housing associations across the country to help people who want to get on the property ladder, but aren’t ready to pay for their home outright. It gives you the opportunity to buy a share between 25% and 75% and just pay rent on the remaining share.

You’ll need to meet certain criteria to buy a home on a shared ownership basis, visit our homes for sale page or read our guide to shared ownership to find out more about whether you are able to apply. You’ll also need to think about whether you need a mortgage to pay for the share you wish to purchase in your home.

  • How do I apply for adaptation?

    Step 1 – To make sure we adapt your home to meet your individual needs, you’ll need to contact your local authority so they can arrange for an Occupational Therapist to come out and assess your situation. The Occupational Therapist will need to fill out this form. If you’re unsure of who to contact you can speak to us first on 0345 60 20 540 or email and we will confirm the details for you.

    Step 2 – Once you’ve had a visit from an Occupational Therapist you’ll need to send us their written recommendation and completed form by emailing it to us at or posting it to:

    Midland Heart Aids and Adaptations
    Asset Management Department
    20 Bath Row
    B15 1LZ

    Once the form has been received:

    • Any requests classed as minor adaptations will be acknowledged by letter within a week, providing a decision
    • Any requests classed as major adaptations will be acknowledged by letter within a week, advising that the request will be reviewed at the next monthly panel meeting
    • Following the monthly panel meeting another letter will be sent providing a decision


    Midland Heart aims to have the approved adaptations completed within 4 months, however in some circumstances it can take up to 18 months. In the meantime we can offer you advice and alternative options that could be better suited to you.

    We also offer a free service that can help you to apply for other grants that suit your needs.

  • Will I have to pay for adaptations?

    Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for any adaptations provided by us. However, if a lift is provided, you will be asked to pay a service charge to help us to fully maintain the lift and replace it in the future if needed. If you receive Housing Benefit, the cost of the service charge will be covered and you won't need to pay any extra money

  • Do I need permission if the local authority are doing the adaptation in my home?

    If you have already contacted an Occupational Therapist and your local authority has confirmed you are eligible for Disability Grant Funding, we will be asked by the local authority to allow permission for the works to be completed in your home. We will normally grant permission, but some more extensive works may need us to fully investigate first.