Changing your name

We understand that your name may change and you will need to tell us about this.  We've set up this simple form so you can inform us easily if you change your name.  We will need to see a copy of one of the official documents listed below for our records.  If you are unable to upload a copy you will need to contact us to discuss sending a copy in the post or bringing it to our offices.

A copy of one of the following documents will be required for our records:

  • A marriage certificate - if you want to change your name because you have got married
  • A Deed Poll letter - if you have changed your name with the government via the Deed Poll service
  • A decree absolute - if you want to change your name because you have got divorced 

You understand that upon receipt of this form and the required documents we will update your record. You understand that if you do not supply the required documents changes will not be made. You understand that completing this form fraudulently may result in action being taken against you.

Why do we collect personal data of individuals?

This form is for customers to update their details, we'll use the information to keep our systems up to date