Fire safety at Christmas

Christmas Fire Safety 08/12/2023

Christmas Candle

Christmas is a time to get cosy and fill the house with decorations and good food! However, we need to make sure we’re being fire safe to protect our home and loved ones at all times.

Candle with care

While candles bring a lovely, warm glow into our homes it’s really important we keep an eye on them.

  • Never leave them unattended
  • Keep them away from children and pets
  • Make sure there’s a heatproof plate or candle holder underneath them
  • Keep them out of drafts which can cause the flame to flicker.

Decks the halls

We know it’s traditional to decorate your home at this time of year, to get into the festive spirit but you should keep in mind that some decorations can be really flammable.

  • Cards and any homemade decorations like paper chains could easily catch fire if they’re placed too near a flickering candle
  • Decorations shouldn't ever be placed over radiators or heaters

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Christmas trees, whether real or fake, can be a fire risk if they’re not looked after properly.

If you have a real tree:

  • Make sure you keep it watered so that the needles don’t dry out too much and become a fire risk
  • Keep it away from heaters and radiators-  this isn’t only for fire safety…your tree will also last longer and hold it’s needles better if it isn’t too hot!

If you have a plastic tree:

  • Be sure not to put it close to any flames
  • You should also check your Christmas tree lights – make sure none of the wiring is exposed or the bulbs broken – and consider buying battery-powered lights instead of ones that plug into sockets. These are safer and more energy efficient!

Cooking up a storm

Most house fires start in the kitchen, so always be really aware when you’re cooking.

  • Never leave the oven or hobs on unattended.
  • Avoid leaving children in the kitchen on their own, as there are lots of sharp objects and hot surfaces!

Whatever you’re up to this festive season, please don’t forget that you should check your smoke alarm at least once a month. Find more information about checking your smoke alarms and how to report a problem here.