Acting on your feedback

Repairs Saving Energy Fly-tipping 14/03/2024

Investing In You

As we’re coming up to the next financial year, we wanted to share with you what we’re investing in based what you’ve told us. We want to make sure we’re improving the services you receive and your experience with us using your feedback.

Cyber security

With the rise in cyber-attacks and crime, our Cyber Security survey provided reassuring feedback from you, with 93% of respondents telling us they feel our app is secure.

You told us you wanted to receive more resources and communication about online security and more information about how we protect your data.

Going forward, we’re investing in enhancing the Disaster Recovery and Cloud Systems we use keep your records safe.


You’ve told us that you value our presence and visibility in your local area, and that you want to receive information at a point in time that’s relevant to you and your concerns.

To help make this a reality, we’re investing £0.6m in additional frontline officers, like our Estates and Tenancy Services teams.


Your feedback identified that you value the CCTV in your schemes but want better quality and to know that it’s being monitored properly.

We’re investing in new CCTV systems and implementing a live monitoring centre, so we can capture and report live issues.

Local engagement

You told us that the quality of your neighbourhood has a significant impact on your wellbeing and overall satisfaction. Due to budget pressures on many local councils, they’re spending less on refuse collection and fly-tipping.

To tackle this, we are investing £0.1m in our Rangers team to help look after your local area and £0.2m to help you with the impact of local authority funding pressures.

Damp and mould

Following the tragic death of Awaab Ishak, we saw an increase in contact about specific concerns over damp and mould.

We are including an additional investment of £0.5m in 2024-25 (on top of a £1.5m budget increase in 2023-24) to manage the additional demand and comply with the regulations outlined in the Social Housing Act.

Energy efficiency

You have been increasingly raising concerns about energy, with over 50% of you worried about paying energy bills.

You’ve told us that we should be prioritising our homes with the lowest energy efficiency ratings for retrofit works.

To help achieve this, we are spending £5.6m on retrofitting homes and all of your homes will be graded at least EPC D by 2025.

If you want to know more about how we invest in your services and how we act upon your feedback, you can take a look at our last customer annual report.