Fire safety in the summer

Summer safety Waste Fire Safety 19/06/2024

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Fires in the summer can start for lots of reasons, from not taking care when having a barbecue to not disposing of batteries, or garden waste properly!

We’ve pulled together some top tips for helping you prevent fires this summer.


BBQ’s are popular during the summer months but it’s important to know how to keep safe whilst using them and how to dispose of the waste correctly.

  • Never leave a barbeque unattended whilst it’s lit
  • Never empty hot ashes/coals into bins – this can melt plastic bins and potentially cause a fire
  • Make sure the barbeque is cool and not lit before moving it
  • Follow the safety instructions on disposable barbeques
  • Close your windows and doors when you BBQ – this will stop any embers getting inside your home

Battery fires

Battery fires are on the rise because more people are throwing electrical devices such as phones and tablets in waste bins, rather than recycling them the correct way. Most electrical devices contain lithium-ion batteries, which are extremely flammable, especially when they’re hot – making them more dangerous in the summer months.

E-scooters and mobility scooters contain the same batteries, which makes them more likely to overheat and catch fire if left in a hot room or in the sun.

You can recycle batteries at most supermarkets.

What kind of batteries can be recycled?

  • All household batteries (e.g AA or AAA)
  • Battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools, power banks
  • Car batteries can also be recycled but only at designated collection points, not in your home recycling

Garden waste

Getting rid of garden waste in the right way is really important. If it’s not disposed of correctly, it could start a fire unintentionally or could even be set alight by someone on purpose.

What you should do:

  • Use your green waste wheelie bin to dispose of garden waste
  • If your garden waste won’t fit in the wheelie bin, take it to the tip

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Set alight to garden waste to dispose of it
  • Leave garden waste exposed in the garden - it could catch fire if somebody drops a cigarette butt into the waste or if an someone sets it alight

You can find out more about garden waste disposal services here.

Cigarette butts

You should never put out cigarettes in grass or planted areas. You should always put them out in the correct way by using an ash tray and disposing of the contents when it’s cool.

Remember, as stated in your tenancy agreement, you’re not allowed to smoke in any indoor communal spaces.

You can find out more about seasonal safety on our website. If you need to report a problem, you can do it here or you can send us a message on our social media channels Facebook and X.