Managing pests and vermin

Summer safety Pest and Vermin 05/06/2024

Pests And Vermin

As the temperature starts to heat up, pests and vermin can become more common in and around the house. You can help to prevent this by following a few easy housekeeping rules.

How can I prevent pests and vermin?

Its always good to take steps to prevent pests and vermin in the first instance.

Here are a few easy suggestions to help stop pests from entering and breeding in your home, and lingering in gardens:

  • Don’t leave food out and uncovered; cover it and put it in the fridge to keep it cool and fresh

  • Regularly clean under kitchen units and cookers
  • Make sure wheelie bin lids are shut properly and avoid leaving bags of rubbish outside, as this can attract pests, foxes and stray cats

  • You can control pests by making sure you empty your bins regularly and clean them with disinfectant

  • If you feed the birds in your garden, don’t put food on the ground and don’t feed them ‘human food’ as this can attract rats

  • If you have a compost bin or compost pile DO NOT put any meat or fish waste into these

  • Don't allow your garden to become overgrown

Who’s responsible for removing pests and vermin in my home?

If pests and vermin are present in shared areas in blocks or schemes, then this is something we can help treat.

If pests and vermin are in your home or private garden, rather than in communal areas, then it’s part of your responsibility to remove them from your home.

How can I treat pests and vermin?

You can help prevent pests and vermin by following a few rules:

  • Keeping a tidy house

  • Keep food in sealed containers

  • Clean any spilt food, liquids or crumbs quickly

  • Don't put old furniture, mattresses or other rubbish in the garden

You can take a look at our useful leaflet on ways to treat pests in your home.

For more information on treating pests and vermin, or to use our handy tool to find out whose responsibility it is to remove them, you can visit our website.

If you’re living in a scheme or block and there’s pests or vermin in shared areas, then please report it to us by calling 0345 60 20 540 and we’ll get someone out to you as soon as possible.