Understanding grounds maintenance

Grounds Maintenance 07/06/2024

Holmes Estate 1003162

We deliver grounds maintenance in all of our communal outdoor spaces and gardens.

We work with contractors to deliver this service, but we’ve also worked closely with you to create a specification that gives these contractors an understanding of what we expect from them.

What is grounds maintenance?

Through grounds maintenance, we aim for our communal outdoor areas to be clean, tidy and well-maintained throughout the year.

The things we’ll do to achieve this are:

  • Maintain grass areas, ensuring they’re well cut and even
  • Make sure hard surfaces (like external bin stores and drying areas) are tidy and clean, as well as free from litter, leaves and moss
  • Weeding flower and shrub beds areas
  • Maintain hedgerows and shrub beds throughout the year (but we can’t do this if there’s evidence of nesting birds, which is approximately March - August)
  • Make sure hedgerows, shrubs and trees do not restrict access, block light to windows or encroach onto footpaths and roads throughout the year

Please note, this list isn’t exhaustive and there may be other tasks our grounds maintenance teams undertake in your area. Similarly, they won’t do some of these tasks in your area if it isn’t relevant.

Helping you understand grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance visits are scheduled by the contractor in the same week of every month. This means that visits may fall on a different date each month.

The service we provide changes between the growing season (March – October) and the winter season (November – February). Visits take place fortnightly in the growing season and monthly in the winter season.

The teams that visit have specifications that they are asked to follow on site, depending on your communal space and what upkeep it needs, this includes the pruning of hedges, cutting of grass and treatment of weeds.

Weather procedures

We have an adverse weather procedure in place to help you understand why some grounds maintenance services may not be carried out in certain weather conditions, for example flooding, snow and high winds.

You can find out more information on this by looking at our handy leaflet.

For more information on what to expect from our Grounds Maintenance contractors and the cleaning in your communal areas, you can visit our webpage.

If you’re unhappy with any of the grounds maintenance services, please let us know and we’ll look into it right away.